Here’s an update on the fishing. First let me say there’s not a single fish that has the dreaded Corona Virus. Me personally, I think it’s more political than anything else. I think the numbers are fudged big time. Doctors are getting paid by the CDC to stamp Corona on death certificates. The head of the CDC needs to step down and I think the Left is riding the big wave to the elections. I mean why waste a perfectly good so called pandemic. They didn’t event it, but their making the most out of it. Me, all I want to do is fish and make a living. Time for the big government folks to take another look at the constitution. They get a fat pay check every two weeks whether they show up for work or not. I think they shouldn’t get paid, like all the people who have small businesses they’re starving out. See how fast we find the cure. Me as well as 50 percent of all Americans are out of work. I say enough of this bull shit. I’ll take my chances rather than go broke lose my business and home.Those who don’t agree. Well you can hide in your living rooms till rapture.

man holding a fish

Back to the Fishing! Seeing there’s so few boats out there chasing fish. The fishing is really off the hook. Went out a few days back and found big schools of Tarpon. I basically had all these fish to myself. That was a welcomed change. They say there’s always a silver lining in the darkest of clouds. Seeing tailing Permit and Bones undisturbed is a beautiful thing. So here it is. You can fly into Key West. June is one of the very best months to fish Key West. Normally that month is booked up way in advance. But there are plenty of openings!! You want to come down and start living life again give me a call. See you on the Flats.

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